Triptych: Part I - Homewrecker

by The Howl

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This album is the first of three parts, marking the transition from old to new. Starting from the opening chords, there is an audio homage to my lo(-er) fi days and earlier recordings and earliest influences. This is the last of this exact combination of this style of writing, recording, mixing, and producing. Though, this is the best produced quality compared to what came before. Each of the three albums are meant to build off of the previous, transitioning into an ultimate, more finalized writing/recording style while adding more and more influences.


released October 30, 2015

Recorded in Houston, Tx; mixed in Houston, Tx & Berlin, DE.
Written, engineered, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by The Howl.
All instruments and vocals by The Howl.

All thanks go to those who supported, and in spite of those who didn't.

Unless otherwise noted, all rights reserved by The Howl and Homewreckords.


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Anyway You Want It
Originally by the Dave Clark Five
Written by Dave Clark
Originally released on the album Coast to Coast
Columbia Records DB 7377, October 1964

Originally by the Misfits
Written by Glenn Danzig
Originally released on the Cough/Cool* single; re-released on Collection II**
*Blank Records, August 1977; **Caroline Records, 14 November 1995



all rights reserved


The Howl Houston, Texas

The Howl is a one man band that records from makeshift home studios and some homemade equipment. Mixing Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi techniques, as time goes by, all production increases in quality.

All production (unless otherwise noted) is done by The Howl. Cover songs (that aren't public domain) are also always free.

Most of the music is written and/or recorded Houston, Texas and/or Berlin, Germany.
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Track Name: You Don't Know Me
When all is said and done
When you chose what to see
I was never what you feared
You attached that fear to me

You say you won't
But, you don't know anything
You don't know me

I shut my mouth - you shut your mind
I hid myself - I hid my name
You thought you knew what was inside
Track Name: Behind Your Eyes
If you lost yourself trying to find what you don't know
If you lost control trying to hide what you won't show

There's no point in pretending
There's no time left for mending
All the wrongs and shames behind your eyes

When you lost yourself you found out how much you don't know
When you lost control you hung a burden on your soul
Track Name: You Can't Unlearn
It's in your eyes
You won't make it tonight
You know the change
You know the words, but not the rage
When it's all you see
Will you hold it against me?
Will you hold it against me?
I did what I was told
The gift is new - the soul is old
It's something new to learn
The box is open - speak the words

It's a burden to own

You won't be alone
You can't unlearn what you know
Track Name: Beloved
Please help me now - it's not clear
I feel the ache - you're not here

I don't know what to do
I don't know what to say
I don't know when to walk away

An empty place - left so bare
Can't catch my breath - can't find you there
Track Name: This Curse
This curse
Is in my blood
And, worse
Is yet to come for you
You know it's true
This ache
Is in my bones
And now
You recognize the truth
They ache for you

There won't be a second time around
When what is lost is never found

This fate
Is in my hands
And I
Don't understand the signs
Your heart is mine
This taste
Is in my mouth
The words
Are wrong to speak to you
But, still I do
Track Name: Tell Me I'm Wrong
You may know what you need
But, there's nothing you can take from me
That I haven't lost

I never knew my place
I just filled an empty space
Tell me I'm wrong

You might know what to say
So they'll think of you this way
But at what cost

Tell Me I'm Wrong
Track Name: Mistress
The floorboards creak and hide a leather book
Her eyes are painted to remind they'll kill you with one look
You never thought you'd know - you thought you'd never tell
You never thought you'd learn Heaven is so close to Hell

Black cloth by candlelight
She waits for the night
She waits in a red room
With silver-screen projected gloom
Well, you know it can never be
When she shows you what to see
She shows you what you to do (. . . She knows what you should do . . .)
With silver-screen projected doom

The cobwebs in the hall lead to what's inside
This house is never empty, especially at night
A dagger on the hip - a ring upon the hand
Her black dress serves as temptation for a man